pitched battle

pitched battle
a fierce battle fought in close combat between troops in predetermined positions at a chosen time and place
Hypernyms: ↑battle, ↑conflict, ↑fight, ↑engagement
Instance Hyponyms:
Agincourt, ↑Austerlitz, ↑battle of Austerlitz, ↑Bannockburn, ↑Battle of Kerbala, ↑Battle of the Ardennes Bulge, ↑Battle of the Bulge, ↑Ardennes counteroffensive, ↑Battle of the Marne, ↑Belleau Wood, ↑Chateau-Thierry, ↑Marne River, ↑Blenheim, ↑Borodino, ↑Bosworth Field, ↑Bouvines, ↑Boyne, ↑battle of Boyne, ↑Brunanburh, ↑battle of Brunanburh, ↑Buena Vista, ↑Bull Run, ↑Battle of Bull Run, ↑Bunker Hill, ↑battle of Bunker Hill, ↑Cannae, ↑Caporetto, ↑battle of Caporetto, ↑Caudine Forks, ↑Chaeronea, ↑Chalons, ↑Chalons-sur-Marne, ↑Chancellorsville, ↑Chapultepec, ↑Chattanooga, ↑battle of Chattanooga, ↑Chickamauga, ↑battle of Chickamauga, ↑Cowpens, ↑battle of Cowpens, ↑Crecy, ↑battle of Crecy, ↑Cunaxa, ↑battle of Cunaxa, ↑Cynoscephalae, ↑battle of Cynoscephalae, ↑El Alamein, ↑Al Alamayn, ↑Battle of El Alamein, ↑Flodden, ↑Battle of Flodden Field, ↑Fontenoy, ↑Battle of Fontenoy, ↑Fort Ticonderoga, ↑Ticonderoga, ↑Fredericksburg, ↑Battle of Fredericksburg, ↑Gettysburg, ↑Battle of Gettysburg, ↑Granicus, ↑Battle of Granicus River, ↑Guadalcanal, ↑Battle of Guadalcanal, ↑Hastings, ↑battle of Hastings, ↑Hohenlinden, ↑battle of Hohenlinden, ↑Ipsus, ↑battle of Ipsus, ↑Issus, ↑battle of Issus, ↑Ivry, ↑battle of Ivry, ↑Ivry la Bataille, ↑Jena, ↑Battle of Jena, ↑Kennesaw Mountain, ↑Lake Trasimenus, ↑Battle of Lake Trasimenus, ↑Langside, ↑battle of Langside, ↑Leuctra, ↑battle of Leuctra, ↑Lexington, ↑Concord, ↑Lexington and Concord, ↑Lule Burgas, ↑battle of Lule Burgas, ↑Lutzen, ↑battle of Lutzen, ↑Magenta, ↑Battle of Magenta, ↑Maldon, ↑Battle of Maldon, ↑Mantinea, ↑Mantineia, ↑Marathon, ↑battle of Marathon, ↑Marengo, ↑Marston Moor, ↑battle of Marston Moor, ↑Metaurus River, ↑Minden, ↑battle of Minden, ↑Monmouth Court House, ↑Battle of Monmouth Court House, ↑Battle of Monmouth, ↑Naseby, ↑Battle of Naseby, ↑Omdurman, ↑battle of Omdurman, ↑Panipat, ↑battle of Panipat, ↑Pharsalus, ↑battle of Pharsalus, ↑Philippi, ↑battle of Philippi, ↑Plassey, ↑battle of Plassey, ↑Plataea, ↑battle of Plataea, ↑Poitiers, ↑battle of Poitiers, ↑Port Arthur, ↑Battle of Puebla, ↑Pydna, ↑Battle of Pydna, ↑Ravenna, ↑Battle of Ravenna, ↑Rocroi, ↑Battle of Rocroi, ↑Rossbach, ↑battle of Rossbach, ↑Saint-Mihiel, ↑St Mihiel, ↑battle of St Mihiel, ↑Saratoga, ↑battle of Saratoga, ↑Sempatch, ↑battle of Sempatch, ↑Shiloh, ↑battle of Shiloh, ↑battle of Pittsburgh Landing, ↑Soissons, ↑battle of Soissons-Reims, ↑battle of the Chemin-des-Dames, ↑battle of the Aisne, ↑Solferino, ↑battle of Solferino, ↑Somme, ↑Somme River, ↑Battle of the Somme, ↑Spotsylvania, ↑battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse, ↑Tannenberg, ↑battle of Tannenberg, ↑Tertry, ↑battle of Tertry, ↑Teutoburger Wald, ↑battle of Teutoburger Wald, ↑Tewkesbury, ↑battle of Tewkesbury, ↑Thermopylae, ↑battle of Thermopylae, ↑Trasimeno, ↑battle of Trasimeno, ↑Valmy, ↑battle of Valmy, ↑Verdun, ↑battle of Verdun, ↑Wagram, ↑battle of Wagram, ↑Waterloo, ↑Battle of Waterloo, ↑Yalu River, ↑Ypres, ↑battle of Ypres, ↑first battle of Ypres, ↑second battle of Ypres, ↑third battle of Ypres, ↑Zama, ↑battle of Zama

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